1. World Orphans in Haiti

    Young Dugali stands in the foreground as the local Pastor, World Orphans staff and members of the church team talk with him about how the water filter will help his family get safe and affordable water. (Torrey far right) Seacoast, New Hampshire resident Adam Torrey recently traveled to Haiti on a vision trip to explore a church to church partnership model developed by World Orphans to care for or…Read More

  2. Water Filters in Zululand

    Thebe Foundation delivers safe drinking water to Zululand community Posted: September 23rd, 2012. The Thebe Foundation has been able to deliver on an undertaking to provide safe drinking water to a rural community in north-eastern Zululand thanks to the efforts of Head-stream Water Holdings and a generous sponsorship from FX Africa Foreign Exchange - both of which are members of the Thebe Group…Read More

  3. TBM trip to Zimbabwe

    Water Ministry team returns from Zimbabwe, Africa Posted: June 10, 2010 Cholera is the result of years of things going wrong. For centuries the infrastructure in Zimbabwe was designed for the privileged. During the times of political unrest between whites and blacks the whites were forced out and the blacks took over the land and over-taxed the infrastructure. Constant over usage of all systems ca…Read More

  4. TBM sends filters to Brazil

    We would like to thank the Texas Baptist Men’s organization for another donation of 1000 water filters! What a blessing the filters have been, not just for those who are benefitting from them, but for our ministry as well. They have proven to be a wonderful evangelism tool and great door openers. We host several international mission teams per year and we teach them how to present the gospel usi…Read More

  5. Iraq filter distribution follow up

    Posted: January 23, 2011 Here is a follow-up to the story we posted a few months ago about water filter distribution in Iraq. We recently received an update from a man who helped with the distribution, and he provided this first-hand account of the benefits   Here is special story about the filters. One of the families from the village near S--- where I gave filters to last month called me to…Read More

  6. Flood Victims in Pakistan

    Flood Victims in Pakistan receive water filters. Ron, Thought you might look at the attached photo with pride as you see through the clear top bucket your water filter in use at a children’s Temporary Learning Center in Pakistan!…Read More

  7. Filters help fire victims in slum

      Back in June of 2011 we were blessed to have Bob Young (of Texas Baptist Men’s Water Filter Ministry) and his wife, Leah, here ministering with us in the favelas of Sao Paulo. They experienced first-hand the poverty and misery of the poor favela dwellers. The lack of sanitation and proper hygiene was overwhelming.   Recently we have used many filters in disaster relief for people who…Read More

  8. Epic International in Japan

    Epic International to distribute water filters in Japan Posted: April 13, 2011 On March 11th a devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan. Just minutes following the earthquake a tsunami smashed into the northeastern coast of Japan, clearing entire cities. Japan’s Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, called the situation “very grave” as the crisis worsened with the news that a series of nu…Read More

  9. Epic International in Haiti

    Epic International formed to help earthquake victims Posted: February 3rd, 2011 Newport Coast, California couple Jeff and Jackie Bird recently traveled to Haiti to help with relief efforts. They returned home with a passion to empower everyday people like themselves to impact the lives of those in need. They immediately laid the groundwork for Epic International, a company with philanthropy at its…Read More

  10. Art and water filters in Haiti

    Back last fall, we (Art Creation Foundation For Children) were searching for a water filtration/purification system that we could use onsite. We have 100 children/youth plus staff on premise daily.We looked at several systems that would help to preclude cholera and make potable the water that sometimes flows through our pipes via Jacmel water system and/or water truck delivery. We ended up purcha…Read More