General Questions

What is the purpose of the sock?

The sock is a pre-filter. It will filter the large particles of dirt and debris, which in turn will extend the life of the filter.

I can’t find 5 gallon buckets. What can I use?

You may use any type of container as long it is water tight and has not been contaminated.

Can I use more than one filter in a bucket?

Yes, by adding more filters you will increase the amount of water that is filtered in a specific period of time.

Why do I have to attach the filter to the lid of the bottom bucket?

By attaching the lid to the top bucket you are preventing the filtered water from being contaminated by any spills that occur when the top bucket is filled with water.

What is the purpose of the small hole at the top of each bucket?

This is a vent hole. It will allow air to be pulled into the buckets as water is being drained out the buckets. A vacuum would be formed if the holes were not there, which would stop the filtering action and you would not be able to drain the bottom bucket.


Ceramic Filters

How long will the filter last?

The 4×4 carbon will last 6-8 months and the ceramic shell is good for at least one year or at least 100 cleanings. The 2×3 filter will last about 200 refills of the bottle. The 2×3 filter will last about 75 refills of the bladder.

How do I know when to change the filter?

There will be a change in the taste of the water or, even after cleaning the filter, the production rate of the filter does not increase.

The first time I used the filter I saw small specks of black in the filtered water?

The first time the filter is used there will be some carbon dust or very tiny particles that will be in the filtered water. This is normal and the water is safe to drink. These will disappear after the filter has been used for the first time.

Can I hold onto the ceramic shell when I am tightening the filter and the wing nut?

NO. You can stress the ceramic shell and it can break or crack. If this happens then the filter is no longer doing its job correctly. Bacteria can pass through the crack and into the lower bucket.

Hold the filter by its base when tightening the wing nut.



How do I clean the filter?

Use any type of abrasive pad (not metal) and gently wipe the surface of the filter. Then rinse with water.


How often should I clean the buckets?

Clean the buckets before the first use. Use a bleach solution of 8 drops to one gallon of water. Be sure to NOT use any bleach that is scented.

After you have begun to use the buckets they should be cleaned at least once a month. Use filtered water when making the cleaning solution.

How do I clean the sock?

Rinse with water.


Are there any precautions I should take when cleaning or changing the filter?

If possible, wear gloves. The surface of the filter might be contaminated with the bacteria that have been filted out of the water. If you are not able to wear gloves, wash your hands with warm water and soap and use hand sanitizer.


Just Water Travel Bottle

How do I use the bottle the first time?
  1. Remove the bottle from its plastic bag.
  2. Unscrew the lid, remove paper instructions, and fill with water.
  3. Allow a few minutes for the filter to become saturated with water.
  4. Try to pull water through the filter, up the straw and out the mouthpiece. Slightly squeeze the bottle to put pressure on the filter.
  5. When you are able to pull water through the mouthpiece, you might have a small amount of charcol dust or chips with the first mouthful of water. This is normal and safe.
  6. As the filter and charcol become completely saturated with water, the flow rate will increase slightly.
  7. Do not turn the bottle upside down, as it will leak.
How do I clean the bottle’s filter?
  1. Unscrew the lid and remove the filter from the bottle.
  3. Do not remove the filter from the straw. Hold onto the base of the filter and use a soft abrasive pad (not metal) to gently rub the surface of the filter.
  4. Rinse with water.
  5. Fill bottle with water and place filter into the bottle and screw on the lid.
  6. Wash hands with soap and water, or hand sanitizer.


How often should I clean the filter?

If you are using fairly clean water, the filter may not have to be cleaned very often. If using turbid water, the filter will become clogged and will have to be cleaned.

An indication that the filter needs to be cleaned is that it becomes harder and harder to pull water through the filter and into the straw.

What is backflush cleaning?

Backflush cleaning enhances the standard filter cleaning process.

After you have cleaned the surface with the abrasive pad and rinsed with water, place the mouthpiece into your mouth and blow. The water in the supply tube (which is filtered water) will be forced back through the filter.