Back last fall, we (Art Creation Foundation For Children) were searching for a water filtration/purification system that we could use onsite. We have 100 children/youth plus staff on premise daily.We looked at several systems that would help to preclude cholera and make potable the water that sometimes flows through our pipes via Jacmel water system and/or water truck delivery.

We ended up purchasing systems from two sources, and both systems worked extremely well and are holding up to heavy use since January 2011.

One source is A Better World, for jerrycan and individual size systems. Easy, works, well. The plus is nothing to assemble, nothing to do which is a huge help, especially when a drill or even a screwdriver can be hard to
find. The minus is price at $395 for the jerrycan size which is the discounted price for NGOs in Haiti, yet this is very reasonable re cost per gallon of purified water processed for sure. Everyone likes the jerrycan system and it is easy to take it in the back of a truck or SUV for safe drinking water on the spot. And the sports bottle size is incredible.
Precludes cholera which is key and makes just about any water potable, easy, long lasting filter, extremely portable.

The other source is Just Water, which offers a system based upon two five gallon buckets, hand pump to pressurize, a ceramic filter with sock with silver alkaloid impregnated and spigot. We purchased these in parts … one bucket of the two which requires special airtight seal (second bucket purchased in Haiti at the market), spigot, filter, pump, etc. While this sytem takes some set up time, now that we know how, it is very simple. Buying them in bulk, the cost is extremely reasonable. We can buy approximately 8 systems for the price of the one jerrycan which is amazing yet it does take careful assembly and more of a learning curve to use. Filter needs replacing once a year when it comes to bacteria, 6-8 months if taste becomes and issue.

Our goal has been to raise funds to purchase a Just Water system for each and every family/household associated with ACFFC. Many of our families have seen and tried them out and, like them/will use. We have started a program called SWAF, Safe Water Assistance Fund, and our children are making mosaiced bottles to support this. We have been fortunate and one donor stepped up to help us purchase close to 100 systems which are en route. However, we now wish to continue beyond our initial goal and provide systems to neighbors and friends of ACFFC, the churches, etc.

If anyone would like additional information, please contact me.

Judy Hoffman
Art Creation Foundation For Children