Epic International to distribute water filters in Japan

Posted: April 13, 2011

On March 11th a devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan. Just minutes following the earthquake a tsunami smashed into the northeastern coast of Japan, clearing entire cities. Japan’s Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, called the situation “very grave” as the crisis worsened with the news that a series of nuclear power plants had been compromised during the earthquake and tsunami. According to Japan’s police agency, as of April 5, 2011 the current death toll was 12,321, with 15,347 people still missing.

The weeks that followed the earthquake and tsunami brought with them freezing temperatures, over-crowded shelters, little food and even less clean water. In addition, the stagnant water left from the tsunami has become a springboard for water-borne diseases. These dire conditions caught the attention of a new watch company based out of California, Epic International.

Epic International is a company with philanthropy at its core in that for each Epic timepiece that is sold, Epic will provide clean drinking water for an individual in a developing country or a country in crisis for one year through the distribution of water filters. In response to the crisis in Japan, Epic International has released a new timepiece “The Japan Edition.”

“Together we can impact the lives of people who suffer needlessly from easily preventable diseases that spread due to a lack of clean water,” says co-founder, Jackie Bird.

To date, the situation at the Fukushima nuclear facility has yet to be contained. The threat of radiation contamination continues to be on the forefront of the minds of the Japanese people. In addition to filtering 100% of Cholera, E-coli, Diphtheria, Giardia and numerous other water-borne diseases, the filters that Epic International distributes can significantly reduce the level of radioactive material (alpha-beta particles) in the filtered water.

Epic International will be distributing filters in Japan within the next several weeks. It is not too late to reach out to the people of Japan and make a difference. Go to http://www.epictimepieces.com to view their stylish watches (only $39.95) and join the “Epic Movement” today!