Young Dugali stands in the foreground as the local Pastor, World Orphans staff and members of the church team talk with him about how the water filter will help his family get safe and affordable water. (Torrey far right)

Seacoast, New Hampshire resident Adam Torrey recently traveled to Haiti on a vision trip to explore a church to church partnership model developed by World Orphans to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Adam was part of a team that included his wife and five others from Durham Evangelical Church. The bucket filtration kits were donated to World Orphans to distribute in response to the cholera outbreak.

During the trip, the team spent two days assembling and distributing the kits to churches and families that were part of World Orphans program. These families will now have safe and affordable water for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Torrey works for the New Hampshire Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau and shortly after his return to the states gave a presentation at the New England Water Works Regional Conference about the using the filters to combat cholera in Haiti. According to reports by the CDC, the cholera outbreak has now taken more than 4000 lives and caused over 200,000 illnesses. He explained how the ceramic filters have a small pore-size that keep any harmful cholera bacteria out of the drinking water. Since there are on-going water challenges for the many displaced persons, having the bucket kits helps provide safe, affordable water for families, and extends to neighbors and the community at large.