Back in June of 2011 we were blessed to have Bob Young (of Texas Baptist Men’s Water Filter Ministry) and his wife, Leah, here ministering with us in the favelas of Sao Paulo. They experienced first-hand the poverty and misery of the poor favela dwellers. The lack of sanitation and proper hygiene was overwhelming.


Recently we have used many filters in disaster relief for people who have lost everything in a huge fire. One of the favelas in which we minister and evangelize in (Favela Moinho) suffered a terrible fire just a few days before Christmas which destroyed hundreds of wooden shacks. People had to be rescued via helicopter. Contrary to media and police reports, many lives were lost. In the aftermath of chaos the residents were forced to salvage anything they could and survive on the streets and under bridges.


Needless to say the conditions are precarious. A small team from the Health Department was making rounds throughout the favela and advised a mother there to get her child to the hospital as he was suffering from diarrhea. Our team quickly put together much-needed water filters and provided disposable cups for those who had no clean drinking water. Filters were also given to some residents who were trying to rebuild their huts in the area which was not totally burned down. brazil_7

We are very grateful to the Texas Baptist Men’s Water Filter Project and to Just Water LLC for providing these filters and making all of this possible!


Pete & Jodi