1. Equip Yourself With Our Emergency Water Filtration System

    In the United States we tend to take our clean water for granted. We live in a country where you can just turn on a tap and fresh, clean water is right there, ready to drink. We don't have to boil water or worry about buying filters, but not everyone is so lucky. People in countries all over the world get sick every single day because of the quality of water that they drink. At Just Water our goal…Read More

  2. Always Have Access to Water With Our Ceramic Water Filters

    For many of us, clean water is just a normal part of our lives, and we never even give a second thought to it, but there are others all over the world who are not so lucky. Water is truly the key to life, and without it, you won't survive for long. You never know when something could happen that could compromise your water supply, and it is essential to your survival, to always be prepared. At Jus…Read More

  3. Be Prepared With a Disaster Water Filter

    Imagine what you would do in the instance of a disaster. You can go hunting for food and you can find shelter, but there isn't a source of clean water. You know that if you drink the water out of the bacteria ridden pond, you will probably get sick. Without fresh water the chance of your survival is low. Being prepared for this kind of situation is as easy as purchasing a disaster water filter fro…Read More