In the United States we tend to take our clean water for granted. We live in a country where you can just turn on a tap and fresh, clean water is right there, ready to drink. We don’t have to boil water or worry about buying filters, but not everyone is so lucky. People in countries all over the world get sick every single day because of the quality of water that they drink. At Just Water our goal is to offer an affordable emergency water filtration system that can improve the quality of life for people all over the world.

Water is as essential to life as the air that we breathe and the food that we eat. Without clean, bacteria free water people can’t heal properly. Our ceramic water filters are easy to use and they are effective. These may look pretty inconsequential, but they can do astounding things. Our filters are capable of removing 99.999% of bacteria in water that comes from floods, lakes, wells, taps, rain, or rivers. You could store your water filter indefinitely, but once it is in use, it will work for you for an entire year.

All people need clean water to survive. We have a passion for people and we have set out to change the world one life at a time with our incredible disaster water filters. Although we are accustomed to having water when we need it in the United States, a disaster could happen at any time that could contaminate our water, like a flood or a chemical spill. Visit our site today for more information about how one of our water filters could increase your chance of survival.