Imagine what you would do in the instance of a disaster. You can go hunting for food and you can find shelter, but there isn’t a source of clean water. You know that if you drink the water out of the bacteria ridden pond, you will probably get sick. Without fresh water the chance of your survival is low. Being prepared for this kind of situation is as easy as purchasing a disaster water filter from Just Water.

A wonderful way to be prepared no matter the situation is with one of our Just Water Travel Bottles. These bottles are a complete water filtering system in one convenient package. The filter in this bottle can give you up to 200 bottles of safe to drink water. This allows you to confidently drink water from any conceivable source such as lakes, ponds, rain, floods, and more.

Here at Just Water, our goal is to provide the world with safe, clean water. Our amazing disaster water filters have given many people all over the world, the access to the clean water that they deserve. Do not wait until it is too late, start being prepared today. Shop our site for some of the best fresh water solutions around.