1. Don’t Go Hiking Without One of Our Emergency Water Filtration Systems

    If there is one thing that is amazing about the summer, it is the hiking. There is nothing that quite compares to a day out in the great outdoors when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the world is at your beck and call. Although hiking is an absolutely amazing summer activity, you never know what could happen, so it is best to be prepared for anything.  That is why you should never g…Read More

  2. Ceramic Water Filters for Camping

    Summer is finally here! It is the perfect time of the year for baseball, sunshine and lots of outdoor activities. What is your favorite part of summer? If camping is your answer, then you are in the right place. Camping is full of fun in the great outdoors, but you never know what could happen. If you are looking to be prepared for anything on your camping trip, then you have come to the right pla…Read More

  3. Be Prepared For Anything With a Disaster Water Filter

    As you may have heard there is tremendous flooding going on in parts of Bosnia and Serbia right now. So far there are only a couple of causalities, but as many as 6,000 people in Serbia alone have been forced out of their homes. In as little as 3 days, the same amount of rain has fallen that normally occurs in 3 months. While a lot of people have already been rescued, many people are still standin…Read More

  4. Don’t Be Caught Without a Disaster Water Filter

    Disaster happens every single day all around the world, but as Americans we are so used to having access to clean water at all times, we tend to forget how important it is. Although for a lot of us, it may feel like we are invincible from the water issues that are seen all over the world, we do get occasional reminders that being prepared is the smart thing to do. For instance the flooding in Boul…Read More

  5. Increase Your Chance With an Emergency Water Filtration System

    As Americans we definitely take our water for granted. For the most part it is always there when we need it. Our tap water is fine to drink, and we don't have to worry about boiling it before we drink it. However, sometimes things happen. Earlier this month a chemical spill in West Virginia left 300,000 people without usable water. In this specific scenario these people were able to get water from…Read More