Disaster happens every single day all around the world, but as Americans we are so used to having access to clean water at all times, we tend to forget how important it is. Although for a lot of us, it may feel like we are invincible from the water issues that are seen all over the world, we do get occasional reminders that being prepared is the smart thing to do. For instance the flooding in Boulder, Colorado last year caused their wells and in turn, their drinking water to be contaminated with bacteria and undrinkable. Or the chemical spill in West Virginia that meant that over 300,000 people could only use their tap water for flushing the toilet. Be prepared for anything by turning to Just Water. We make it easy for you to never be caught without a disaster water filter ever again.

Our emergency water filtration systems are some of the highest quality and most affordable in the business, and we have many different options available to you. If you are looking for a great way to transport a larger amount of clean water then you may be interested in our Bucket System. This filtration system can remove up to 99.999% of bacteria and it can accept water from floods, lakes, rivers, rain, streams, and it can even filter out MCHM. If you are looking for a smaller, easier to transport option, you should check out our easy to install ceramic water filters. This is the perfect addition to one of our water bladders, and it is so easy to keep clean.

Clean, drinkable water is essential life. Don’t be caught without it. We offer great deals on  some of the best products around, and all of our products are made right here in the United States. Don’t wait until an emergency has already happened, be prepared by shopping with us today.