As Americans we definitely take our water for granted. For the most part it is always there when we need it. Our tap water is fine to drink, and we don’t have to worry about boiling it before we drink it. However, sometimes things happen. Earlier this month a chemical spill in West Virginia left 300,000 people without usable water. In this specific scenario these people were able to get water from neighboring towns or at the grocery store, but that is not always the case. In an emergency, it is water that determines if you will survive or not. Increase your chance of survival with one of our emergency water filtration systems.
Water is truly the key to survival. Most people who are hydrated can survive for up to 3 weeks without food, but you have to have water. You can only survive for 3 days without water.There is water available all over the world, but in order for you to depend on it, it needs to be rid of all of the bacteria. Our ceramic water filters are incredibly efficient. They can remove 99.999% of bacteria. You can use water from lakes, wells, rain, floods, rivers, and more with these amazing filters.
Don’t be stuck without water. Having a disaster water filter available may be the different between life and death for you. Our filters are incredibly efficient, easy to clean, so affordable, and made right here in the United States. Having access to drinkable water is one of the most important things that you can do. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you and shop with us today.