Summer is in sight! With the temperatures rising and the hot sun beating down on us, we can all start to relax with the end of winter near. With summer in the back of our minds, we are all starting to prepare for what’s to come, backpacking, camping and hiking! If you love participating in these activities more than anything else, then Just Water is for you.

Preparing for all of your expeditions should be of high importance to you. You should always be sure that you can carry all of your gear by staying in tip top shape, and staying prepared for nearly anything, disasters included. You never know when disaster might strike. If you are thinking that you could use a little help when it comes to staying prepared at all times, then you will love the Just Water Bladder. This bladder is perfect for backcountry hiking! With three liters of water on your back, you will be able to travel safely and with enough water to last you until your next watering hole. This bladder can also be used as your primary source for emergency water filtration. The ceramic water filter in this bladder has the ability to block out bacteria and viruses by 99.999%! So, all you have to do is fill up your bladder with any fresh water from a river, stream or lake and enjoy drinking fresh mountain water. Visit us online now to read more about this product and call us to place your order before summer arrives!