If you’re looking for a better way to hydrate and stay safe during disasters, there is nowhere that is better than Just Water. At Just Water, you can find all of the disaster water filters you need to make life easier. In fact, along with making your life easier, you’ll be getting some benefits of using a water filter too.

  • Filtered water tends to provide a better taste and smell.

  • Water filters will remove lead and other harmful substances from entering the body and causing you harm.

  • It’ll cost less to use a water filter, especially when there isn’t a lot of water available. If you’re using our disaster water filter during a backpacking trip, you’ll be able to save weight.

  • You’ll be protecting your body from harmful diseases that you can become contaminated with if you drink unfiltered water.

  • You’ll be able to cook with clean water anywhere!

  • Greatly reduce the risk of developing gastrointestinal disease. When you remove giardia and cryptosporidium from your drinking water, you’ll be decreasing that chance by 33%.

  • If worst comes to worst, a disaster water filter will be one of your only defenses to keep toxins out of your body that are present in minimal amounts of drinking water.

We hope that the above benefits that you will be able to experience with one of our disaster water filters has opened your eyes to some things that you didn’t know! So what are you waiting for? Shop with us online today and purify your drinking water!